Tucson Water, like all City departments, is undergoing a number of changes to increase efficiency and improve performance. In addition, a large number of initiatives are either underway or under consideration, and these efforts are competing for limited staff and financial resources. In order to align everyone toward common goals and prioritize our efforts, this action plan was developed in concert with the department’s deputy directors and administrators. “Focus 21” will serve as our collective guidance document through the end of 2021. Progress will be measured and reported, and the action plan will be updated as necessary to assure we remain focused on the right things moving forward.

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In this video, Director Tim Thomure provides an overview of what Focus 21 is, and why it has been developed.


E1 – Continue Internal Career Path Development

E2 – Optimize Our Travel and Training

E3 – Support City-wide Compensation Efforts

E4 – Strengthen Internal Communications

E5 – Invest in Our Safety and Security

E6 – Actively Manage Employee Performance


C1 – Complete the New Solutions Center at TOPSC

C2 – Complete the Tucson Economic Advancement Center (TEAC)

C3 – Provide 24-Hour Customer Phone Access

C4 – Provide Daily (or Real-Time) Meter Data

C5 – Support Development of a City-Wide Customer Portal

C6 – Exceed Customer Expectations for Water Quality, Health, and Safety

C7 – Improve Our Customer Service “Spaces”


D1 – Complete the SCADA Implementation

D2 – Complete and Implement the IT BOP

D3 – Update Payment Processing System to Paymentus

D4 – Migrate to the City’s New Permitting System (EnerGov)

D5 – Migrate to the Next Generation Asset Management System (INFOR)

D6 – Implement the Next Generation Billing / Customer Information System

D7 – Foster a “Test Bed” Approach to New Solutions


I1 – Deliver the CIP

I2 – Increase Supply Resiliency

I3 – Address Known Customer Pain Points

I4 – Stabilize Future CIP’s

I5 – Reduce Lost and Unaccounted for Water

I6 – Comply with America’s Water Infrastructure Act (2018)


O1 – Succession Planning to Avoid Single Points of Failure and Facilitate Knowledge Transfer

O2 – Create a Formal Data Analysis/KPI/Bench-Marking Function

O3 – Revisit/Update/Create Standard Operating Procedures

O4 – Improve Financial Monitoring, Reporting, and Forecasting

O5 – Reorganize Based on Functional Areas and Prioritize Investments


Director Thomure discusses how you can help implement and improve upon this plan, and explains how Focus 21 relates to the City of Tucson's Culture Map.


 Focus 21 - Live Presentation

Participate in the conversation. Text your questions to: 520-261-8620

This video was recorded from a YouTube livestream on August 26th. The presentation starts at approximately 24:30.