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Oro Valley Conservation Kids

Grades: 1st - 3rd

Welcome to Conservation Kids, a three-part water education program specifically designed for 1st-3rd grade students, focusing on the water cycle, water supply, and water conservation in the Oro Valley/Tucson area. This program consists of three pre- and post-visit activities and a lively, hands-on, one-hour presentation conducted in the classroom.  Students are given a small cup to use for brushing their teeth and saving water at home. The final aspect of the program is a booklet of exciting activities to reinforce students’ newly acquired understandings.  The presentation and related activities are aligned with ADE standards.  Conservation Kids is sponsored by the Oro Valley Water Utility and offered free of charge to eligible Oro Valley-area schools.

To schedule Conservation Kids for your 1st-3rd grade students, contact Debbie Gevirtzman at debbie@eeexchange.org or 520-670-1442.