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Renewable Students

Grades: HIGH SCHOOL |   Since 2019

Renewable Students classroom presentation is a unique multimedia learning experience delving into the history, science, and costs/benefits of many renewable forms of energy. Our program has a short pre-visit video that serves as the anticipatory set to the 55 minutes classroom presentation, and we highly recommend viewing prior to our visit! We have compiled several, multi-tiered post-visit learning opportunities to supplement your students’ learning. Our program is aligned to ADE Standards.

To schedule Renewable Students for your students, contact Adam Kingery at or call 520-670-1442.


Teacher Materials

Pre-Visit Video

Click above to stream the Pre-Visit Video from YouTube

The pre-visit video has been designed to prepare your students for the on-site presentation.

If you cannot view the adjacent YouTube video, two downloadable video versions are available below. The high resolution file is preferable, but if your download time is too slow, or your computer doesn’t play back the larger file correctly, you may choose the low resolution file (the content is exactly the same, but the quality of the visuals is slightly lower). Be patient, as the video may take some time to download.

Pre-Visit Video High Resolution Pre-Visit Video Low Resolution


Post-Visit Teacher Resources

The post-visit activities were compiled to help your students make personal connections to the content of the Renewable Students program, and to further supplement your classroom curriculum.

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