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Renewable Students Videos


Renewable Students is our new 9th grade program on renewable energy! The presentation is organized around viewing content on a variety of popular smartphone apps and websites. To help keep the audience engaged, content was created in the popular style of that app platform.

Pre-Visit Video

This 3 minute video is shown to the students prior to the onsite presentation. The video simulates an Instagram live video and helps prime the students with some of the concepts and introduces them to Renewable Students.

Snapchat Discover

These three portrait videos were created to mimic the Snapchat discover videos, featuring a lot of quick transitions, unique backgrounds, and jokes. These videos quickly explore the histories of the renewable energy resources of solar, wind and hydro power.

Science Minutes

Renewable Students Science Minutes provide some quick insights into a question about renewable energy or the larger power grid.

Turn It Off!

This quick PSA reminds students of the easiest and best way to conserve energy. Turn off lights and other devices when they aren’t being used!