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Riders and Walkers

Grade: 3rd

Welcome to Riders & Walkers, a three-part interdisciplinary program for 3rd grade students. It addresses the benefits and basic safety issues of biking and walking in the students’ communities, through a pre-visit activity, an interactive, one-hour multimedia presentation conducted in the classroom by an engaging presenter, and a post-visit activity. Each student receives a take-home Walking Checklist, a reflective bracelet, and an informational brochure.  The presentation and related activities are aligned with ADE standards. Riders and Walkers is sponsored by Living Streets Alliance and offered free of charge to eligible 3rd grade classes at schools across Pima County.

 To schedule Riders & Walkers for your 3rd grade students, contact Debbie Gevirtzman at debbie@eeexchange.org or 520-670-1442.