Preserve the QC!

Grades: 5th - 8th

Welcome to Preserve the QC!, a three-part multidisciplinary program for 5th-8th grade students about recycling, water conservation, and air quality. Related lessons (including a pre-visit video) and an engaging 55-minute classroom presentation are aligned with ADE standards. Supporting community goals and environmental stewardship, Preserve the QC! is sponsored by Town of Queen Creek and offered free of charge to schools within Queen Creek service boundaries.

Program Materials

Download: Pre- & Post-Visit Activities

Preserve the QC! Pre-Visit Video

PTQC Pre-Visit High Resolution          PTQC Pre-Visit Low Resolution

NOTE: Please choose the appropriate video version (high or low resolution). The high resolution file is preferable, but if your download time is too slow, or your computer doesn’t play back the larger file correctly, you may choose the low resolution file (the content is exactly the same, but the quality of the visuals is slightly lower). Be patient, as the video may take some time to download.

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