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Water Smart Kids

(formerly Da Drops)

Grades: 1st - 3rd

Welcome to Water Smart Kids, a three-part water education program designed for 1st-3rd grade students, focusing on the water cycle, water supply, and water conservation in the Tucson Basin. Students complete a pre-visit lesson including a video and then participate in a lively, hands-on, one-hour presentation conducted in the classroom. After the presentation, each student receives a small cup to use for brushing teeth and saving water at home, and an activity booklet of exciting activities to reinforce newly acquired learning. While completing their activity booklets, students discover how to watch a special video with their family about being Water Smart! The presentation and related activities are aligned with ADE standards. Water Smart Kids is sponsored by Tucson Water and offered free of charge to Tucson-area schools. The Water Smart Kids program (formerly known as Da Drops) was revised in Summer 2019.

For additional information about the Water Smart Kids program for 1st-3rd grade students, contact Debbie Gevirtzman at debbie@eeexchange.org  or 520-670-1442.

Watch this video to learn more!

Program Materials


It is critical to show this video before your classroom presentation, so that students are prepared with the necessary vocabulary and content.

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Download: Pre-Visit Lesson


While completing their Water Smart Kids activity booklets, students discover secret clues to access this video online. Encourage students to watch this short video at home with their families. (Optional: Choose to show the video to students in class.) The video reinforces important messages about water conservation and how to be Water Smart!

Can’t view above video? Download: High Res Low Res

Download: Post-Visit Lesson