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FREE Water Conservation Kits

Tucson Water is proud to offer its customers FREE home water conservation materials.

Please fill out of the form below to receive the water saving devices of your choice!


Conservation Kit Form

Water Conservation Kit Items
Please select only the items you and your family are able to use and willing to install.
These low-flow showerheads (1.5-2 GPM) mix air into the water stream, helping you save water with every shower. Changing from high flow (3.5 GPM+) units will save an average family of four $40 per year.
These 5-minute sand shower timers can help you keep your shower on track. Perfect for young children, teenagers, and adults!
Toilet tank bags are filled with water and go inside of the toilet reservoir tank. The bags displace the water in the tank, causing the toilet to use less water with every flush.
Ever notice your toilet constantly running? Water might be leaking from the tank into the toilet. This type of leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water everyday! Use a toilet leak detection dye tablet to test your tank. Simply put a dye tablet into the tank, wait 10 minutes and check if the toilet bowl has color in it. If it does, then you need a new toilet tank flapper.
These 0.5 GPM bathroom faucet aerators mix air into the water stream, helping you save water at bathroom sinks. We do not recommend these for kitchen sinks, which are more functional with a slightly higher flow rate.

*Shipping occurs in 7-10 business days. Limit one order per household. Offer only valid for Tucson Water customers while supplies last. Tucson Water and its partners are not liable for the installation, maintenance, or use of these items.

Orders are fulfilled through a partnership with the Environmental Education Exchange, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) located in Tucson.

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